Installing the voice message form

Before you begin

About this task

To install the voice message form on a computer that runs Outlook.


  1. Log in with the user account that has client permissions.

    Use the user account you created in the EFORMS REGISTRY.

  2. In a Web browser, run the URL: http://avayamsg/download/<VoiceMessagingFormFilename> and save the form to a temporary location on your hard drive.

    Replace VoiceMessagingFormFilename with the appropriate filename. See Supported languages for a list of file names.

  3. For each language that you want to deploy, repeat Step 2 .
  4. Open Outlook and select Tools > Options > Other > Advanced Options... > Custom Forms.

    For Outlook 2010, you must navigate to File > Options > Advanced > Custom Forms.

  5. In the Options dialog box, click Manage Forms.

    In the Forms Manager dialog box, the system displays Personal Form in the right pane where you created the form.

    If you have a multilingual deployment, ensure that the language for Organizational Forms Library and the voice message form match.

  6. In the Forms Manager dialog box, click Install.
  7. In the Files of type field, select Form Message (*.fdm).
  8. Navigate to the voice message form file that you downloaded in Step 2. For example, AvayaVoiceMessage_en-US.fdm.
  9. Click Open to install the form file.

    If the library already contains a version of this voice message form, the system displays a confirmation dialog box.

    To replace the existing form with this version, click Yes.

  10. In Form Properties, click OK.
  11. Set the folder so that the form takes effect.
  12. In the right pane, select Avaya Voice Message in Personal Form.
  13. To copy the voice message form into your forms library, click Copy .

    If you are deploying multiple languages, repeat Step 8 through Step 14 for each language form.

  14. Click Close.
  15. Click OK three times to close the dialog boxes.

    When a user opens a voice message, the appropriate voice messaging form downloads automatically.