CyberGear Gold

Your complete Voice & Data Communications system

The Alchemy CyberGear Gold system from Avaya Communication has been specifically designed to meet the total communications needs of the smallest organizations and those requiring sophisticated office facilities at home. Telephone system, voice-mail, high-speed Internet access, remote network access for those working from home or on the move - the award-winning CyberGear Gold provides all of this and much, much more.

CyberGear Gold

The CyberGear Gold delivers big business benefits to small companies, at an entry-level price. Sharing many features and facilities with the modular ArgentOffice and ArgentBranch, the CyberGear Gold combines a 6 extension telephone system, internet access/branch office router and digital remote access system with 2 ISDN trunk lines.

Sophisticated Telephone System

For most businesses the telephone remains the prime means of contact with customers, prospects, suppliers and colleagues alike. A fast, courteous and efficient response to a telephone call can, therefore make the difference between winning and losing business.

To help you win business, the award-winning CyberGear Gold delivers advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM), at an entry-level price. Use of standard analogue Caller Display telephones allows employees to see who is calling, and just as importantly, whom they're calling for, before they even pick the handset up. For those who wish to use standard telephones, or headsets, the same caller information can also be "popped-up" on the users PC, while DECT handsets are also supported for those who aren't tied to the desk. Comprehensive and easy-to-use, call forwarding & following facilities allows those out of the office, be it "on-the-road" or working from home, to remain in telephone contact at all times. To ensure that there is always an option for callers, VoiceMail (supplied as standard) can be utilized for out-of-hours operation, and at those times when you just can't take calls.

Operator or DDI

Despite supporting Direct Dial In (DDI), many companies may wish to use a dedicated operator or operators. For these situations the optional Windows Operator Console & Busy Lamp Field applications ease the day-to-day workload of experienced and novice operators alike. The CyberGear Gold's Automatic Dial Detection also ensures that external calls no longer get routed to the operator by mistake, just because you forgot to pickup a line or dial 9 before the number.

Internet Access for All

While the telephone is still the number one business communications tool, Internet access is becoming increasingly important for business-to-business communications. The ability to send and receive E-mail, is now considered mandatory when dealing with many suppliers and customers, whilst access to the World Wide Web for e-commerce applications and information mining is also becoming vital. A single PC can be directly connected to the CyberGear Gold, or alternatively, connection to an external hub or switch allowing your employees shared, secure, high-speed access to the Internet & World Wide Web, via a firewall and ISDN. The same system also provides routing between offices and remote access to centralized resources, using any ISDN terminal adapter/router, or data enabled GSM phone.

Bringing Voice & Data Together

Whilst the CyberGear Gold provides the ideal basis for a telephone system, or for Internet access and company wide data routing/remote access, it's in the fusion of voice & data systems that the unique design of the Alchemy Series provides unparalleled business benefits. The same ISDN circuits can be dynamically used to transport voice and data calls, significantly reducing your line costs. Desktop PC s can be used, in conjunction with standard analogue telephones, to assist in the making and receiving of telephone calls, delivering the features and facilities of digital feature phones for a fraction of the cost. Voicemail can be forwarded to e-mail and SMS services, providing notification of messages wherever your employees are. Popular 3rd party desktop applications can be utilized to automate the making of telephone calls, and also show a caller's records before the phone call is answered. The list is endless.

The System That Grows With You

The CyberGear Gold delivers many sophisticated, big business features to even the smallest businesses for the first time. Being easy to deploy and use, the CyberGear Gold is a fixed configuration system, however, despite it's size and price, it shares it's architecture and software with the other Alchemy Series platforms, the modular ArgentOffice and ArgentBranch. These larger systems consist of a series of modules that can be shelf or rack-mounted as desired. Modules interconnect via high-speed interfaces and can be added simply and quickly as and when required. So, should your communication needs out-grow your CyberGear Gold you'll be able to keep the "look and feel" of the system as far as your users are concerned, while implementing a far larger system.

Whatever your eventual choice of Alchemy Series platform, you can rest assured that, with the ongoing development of new software modules, your investment in CyberGear Gold will continue to bear great dividends. With an installed base of well over 10,000 systems you're in good company when you choose the Alchemy Series from Avaya.