Windows Operator Console & Busy Lamp Field

The Windows Operator Console and Busy Lamp Field programs are an additional package which may be purchased for used with the ArgentOffice and CyberGear Gold products. This software is site licensed.

 The Windows Operator Console - full call control for a busy operator.

The Busy Lamp Field - a view of those you are interested in at a glance.

This product is only supplied as a physical CD and is not downloadable.

However a demonstration version of the latest  software is available, on the April 2000 Admin CD, which is the full product except that the configuration cannot be saved.

Released versions: -

April 2000 CD WOC 2.1(105) BLF 2.1(100)

5jul99 - New Lucent CD with 6 languages listed. WOC, BLF 1.20.48

18feb99 First Lucent CD - WOC BLF

1 Dec99 First Network Alchemy CD WOC 1.0(8) BLF 1.1(8) - had the Network Alchemy symbol printed on the CD.

Network Alchemy will exchange your CD for the latest if you return your original to: - WOC CD Exchange, Network Alchemy Ltd, 2 Century Court, Tolpits Lane, Watford, WD1 8RS, UK.

Known Problems/Features:-

1) The software will crash on the PC: This is typically a problem with the configuration in the ArgentOffice / CyberGear Gold. Check for duplicate allocation of extension numbers. Send a copy of your config file to your supplier for further assistance.

2) If installed on an NT4 machine by an Administrator then users get an "unlicensed" message and cannot save their configuration. Uninstall WOC then reinstall as a user to resolve this problem. (16aug99)

3) WOC & BLF only displays a max 30 tick boxes for channel usage. EQ000374. (20aug99)

4) Only 4 BLF's per system are supported. The BLF can generate large quantities of LAN data. Each indicator is individually updated, so large huntgroups in group ringing mode can cause considerable surges in traffic e.g. 100 users monitoring the entire system generates 10,000 indicators to update. Steps have been taken to avoid some of the peaks by slowing the update rate. The Phone Manager can be used as an alternative for displaying user status.

5) Starting the WOC / BLF causes old versions (pre 1apr99) of  the ArgentOffice to crash with reports of password failure. Correctly configuring the WOC/BLF will stop this. We have a new CD available which fixes this problem. See EQ000336 below.

6) On 2.1 software the BLF display order is sorted on the "Full Name" then "Name", 1.2 only used the "Name". (10jan00)

A command line option of  "nopop" will stop this application popping, and "vmail" stops unanswered calls being represented to an operator.