Avaya one-X Desktop Edition Overview

Avaya one-X Desktop Edition is a client-based SIP application for the PC or laptop running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Avaya one-X Desktop Edition supports Road Warrior mode, and provides access to Avaya SIP Enablement Services (SES) and Avaya Communication Manager (ACM).

The Avaya one-X Desktop Edition uses the SIP protocol to allow users to make and receive telephone calls, send and receive instant messages, and see enterprise contact availability via presence. Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and an LDAP directory are supported for contact management. Integration with Internet Explorer allows users to dial phone numbers displayed on a web page. Integration with Avaya Communication Manager 3.1 and Avaya SIP Enablement Services 3.1 allows additional telephony functionality.

When operating in a SIP proxied environment, Avaya one-X Desktop Edition requires a SIP Softphone license in order to support these features. If a license cannot be acquired when operating with a proxy, Avaya one-X Desktop Edition functionality will be limited to placing calls.

When operating in a Peer to Peer mode, Avaya one-X Desktop Edition does not need a license. It allows users to connect to other SIP endpoints without requiring a SIP proxy or registrar. Voice calls, presence requests, and instant messages are sent directly to the far end's SIP endpoint, requiring the sender to know the far end's network identification (IP address or machine name).