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Removing Subscribers

After the initial group of subscribers has been added, you can delete subscribers as employees leave your company.

Removing a subscriber means deleting the subscriber's name and extension from the system directories and deleting the subscriber's recorded name fragment. You need to remove subscribers any time they leave your company or no longer require AUDIX messaging service.

After the subscriber is removed, all records pertaining to the subscriber are deleted automatically by AUDIX audits that are executed every Sunday morning at 1:00a.m. For more information about audits, see Voice Messaging Database Audit Overview.

To remove a subscriber:

  1. Start at the Messaging Administration main menu and select:
  2. Global Administration
    Messaging Administration

    The system displays the SSH User Authentication dialog box. Enter your login, for example, sa or vm, in the User name field and your password in the Password field. Click Login. The system then displays the AUDIX Command Prompt screen.

  3. At the enter command: prompt, enter remove subscriber name/extension, where name/extension is the name or telephone extension of the subscriber you want to remove from the system database.
  4. The system displays the Subscriber screen, Page 1.

  5. Check that this is the subscriber you want to delete.
  6. Press F3 (Enter) to delete the subscriber.
  7. The cursor returns to the command line, and the system displays the following message:

    Command Successfully Completed

  8. Enter another administrative command at the enter command: prompt.


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