Overflow Hunt Group

If all extensions in a Hunt Group are busy (ie. on a call, logged out or membership is disabled) or not answered, another Hunt Group, called an Overflow Group, can be used to take the calls. The Overflow Time can be used to stipulate how long a call will ring round the members of the Hunt Group before being passed to the Overflow Group.

In this part of the exercise, we will create another Hunt Group called Reception and use this group as the Overflow Hunt Group for Sales.

To setup an Overflow Hunt Group:

  1. Create a new Hunt Group by following the instructions in Create Hunt Groups. For our sample configuration, this new group has the following parameters:

Name = Reception

Extension = 501

Extension List = Pat F (202)

  1. Select Hunt Group from the Configuration Tree.

  2. Right click on the Sales Hunt Group and select Edit.

  3. Right click in the Overflow Group List and select Add.

  4. From the pop up dialog box, select Reception then click OK.

  5. In the Overflow Time (secs) field, enter the number of seconds callers will wait before being transferred to the Overflow Hunt Group (Reception). In our sample configuration, we have entered 60 seconds.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Click Save. In the Sending Config To dialog box, accept the selected save option and click OK.


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