The Benefits of CTI

CTI delivers real business benefits in the following key areas: Reducing costs, increasing productivity and delivering better customer service.

Often helpdesks or contact centers are overloaded with phone calls which results in customers having to wait for an available agent and then answer a long list of trivial questions before the real purpose of the call is addressed. Sometimes callers are transferred to many different departments before reaching someone able to assist them. This type of service results not only in errors and inconsistencies in data entry and information relayed to a caller, but also to unhappy customers and lost time and profits.

Reducing Costs

Half the cost of running a call center, service center or helpdesk is tied up in labor, 40 per cent in communications charges and less than 10 per cent in equipment. Saving seconds on each call can make a big difference enabling agents to be more efficient, deliver a better service and dramatically reduce company overheads.

In a helpdesk or call center with a high volume of phone calls each day, it takes many agents to handle these calls efficiently. Callers may have to wait for an available agent, which increases costs to the customer and can be a potential loss of business, due to abandoned calls and unhappy customers.

With CTI, costs can be reduced through the following:

Increasing Productivity

By implementing CTI, organizations can reduce the average duration of each call, ensuring that a higher percentage of call time is spent productively. This extra time can be used to handle a larger call volume, without increasing staffing levels.

Delivering Better Customer Service

With CTI, customer service can be improved in the following ways: