Trunk Interface Cards

Trunk interface cards are rear mounted to provide flexible trunk connectivity for the IP403, IP406 V1/V2 and IP412 platforms. The IP403, IP406 V1/V2 and  IP412 all support two trunk interface cards. Dual PRI cards can only be used with the IP412 and Slot A of the IP406 V2.

There are seven trunk interface cards (Not available in all territories).


IP400 Office BRI Card

The BRI trunk card provides 4 Basic Rate ISDN S/T-Bus interfaces (8 trunks).

Details of the supported supplementary services on BRI interfaces are given in the 'Public and Private Voice Networks' section.


IP400 Office PRI Cards (T1/E1/E1R2)

Available in single and dual versions the IP400 Office PRI card provides single and dual primary rate trunk interfaces respectively. The PRI is available as either T1, E1 or E1R2MFC depending on the market. The dual version is only supported on the IP412 and on slot A of the IP406 V2.

Details of the supported supplementary services and protocols for each PRI is given in the 'Public and Private Voice Networks' section.

T1 trunk cards incorporate an integral CSU/DSU, eliminating the need for an external unit. The CSU function allows the trunk to be put in loop-back mode for testing purposes. This can be set manually, using the monitor application, or automatically from a Central Office sending a Line Loop Back (LLB) pattern. The DSU function allows the T1 trunk to be shared between data and voice services.


IP400 Office Quad Analog Trunk (LS) Card

Provides four Analog trunk 2 wire interfaces (loop start only) including support for caller ID.

Ground start analog trunks are supported via the IP Office Analog Trunk 16 Expansion Module.