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Creating and Configuring a DHCP Scope

Use the following procedure to create and configure a DHCP scope.

  1. Select Start-->Programs-->Administrative Tools-->DHCP.
  2. In the console tree, click the DHCP server to which you wish to add the DHCP scope for the IP telephones. Typically this will simply be the name of your DHCP server machine.
  3. Select Action-->New Scope from the menu.
  4. Windows displays the New Scope Wizard to guide you through rest of the setup.

  5. Click the Next button.
  6. The Scope Name dialog box displays.

  7. In the Name field, enter a name for the scope such as “DEFINITY IP Telephones,” then enter a brief comment in the Description field.
  8. When finished, click the Next button.
  9. The IP Address Range dialog box displays.

  10. Define the range of IP addresses used by the IP telephones listed in Table 4-2 . The Start IP Address should be the first IP address available to the IP telephones. The End IP Address should be the last IP address available to the IP telephones.


    We recommend not mixing 4600 Series IP Telephones and PCs in the same scope.

  11. Define the subnet mask in one of two ways:
  12. Exclude any IP addresses in the range specified in the previous step that you do not wish to be assigned to an IP telephone.
  13. In the Start Address field under Exclusion Range, enter the first IP address in the range you want to exclude.
  14. In the End Address field under Exclusion Range, enter the last IP address in the range you want to exclude.
  15. Click the Add button.
  16. Repeat steps a. through c. for each IP Address range that you would like to exclude.


    You may add additional exclusion ranges later by right clicking on the Address Pool under the newly created scope and selecting the New Exclusion Range option.

  17. Example:

    Suppose the ranges of IP addresses available for your IP telephone network are:

  18. For all telephones that will receive their IP addresses from the server, enter 30 days in the Lease Duration field. This is the duration after which a device’s IP address expires and needs to be renewed by the device.
  19. Click the Next button.
  20. The Configure DHCP Options dialog box displays.

  21. Click the No, I will activate this scope later radio button.
  22. The Router (Default Gateway) dialog box displays.

  23. For each router or default gateway, enter the IP address and click the Add button.
  24. When you are done, click the Next button.

    The Completing the New Scope Wizard dialog box displays.

  25. Click the Finish button.
  26. The new scope appears under your server in the DHCP tree. The scope is not yet active and will not assign IP Addresses.

  27. Highlight the newly created scope and select Action-->Properties from the menu.
  28. Under Lease duration for DHCP clients, select Unlimited and then click the OK button.

CAUTION: IP Address leases are kept active for varying periods of time. To avoid having calls terminated suddenly, make the lease duration unlimited.

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