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Adding DHCP Options

Use the following procedure to add DHCP options to the scope you created in the previous procedure.

  1. On the DHCP window, right-click the Scope Options folder under the scope you created in the last procedure.
  2. A drop-down menu displays.

  3. Click the Configure Options... option.
  4. The Scope Options dialog box displays.

  5. In the General tab page, under the Available Options, check the 066’Boot Server Host Name’ Options checkbox.
  6. The String Value dialog box displays.

  7. Enter the TFTP Server address(es) in the String Value. Use the same TFTPSRVR value format as discussed in TFTP Generic Setup. For example, if you had a TFTP server at IP address “zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz” and a second TFTP server at address “,” in the string value enter:
  8. "zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz,"

  9. In the left pane of the DHCP, right click on the DHCP Server name, then click on Set Predefined Options....
  10. Under Predefined Options and Values, click on Add.
  11. In the Option Type Name field, enter any appropriate name, for example, “Avaya IP Telephones”.
  12. Change the Data Type to String.
  13. In the Code field, enter 176, then click the OK button twice.
  14. The Predefined Options and Values dialog box closes, leaving the DHCP dialog box enabled.

  15. Expand the newly created scope to reveal its Scope Options.
  16. Click Scope Options and select Action-->Configure Options from the menu.
  17. In the General tab page, under the Available Options, check the Option 176 checkbox.
  18. In the Data Entry box, enter the DHCP IP telephone option string as described in DHCP Generic Setup.


    You can enter the text string directly on the right side of the Data Entry box under the ASCII label.

  19. From the list in Available Options, check option 003 Router.
  20. Enter the gateway (router) IP address as recorded in the IP Address field of Table 4-2 .
  21. Click the Add button.
  22. Click the OK button.

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