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The 4610SW IP Telephone

The 4610SW IP Telephone is an innovative telephone that gives you access to the World Wide Web while offering the latest features and applications. The display area allows up to six application-specific buttons to be presented and labeled at one time. Additionally, six Line/Feature buttons and four softkeys provide access to powerful capabilities such as:

This last feature is covered in Chapter 5: Using the Web Access Application. The WML browser provides access to Web sites tailored specifically for devices with smaller display screens like cell phones and Personal Data Assistants.

In addition to these features and applications, the 4610SW provides a robust menu of options to customize your phone preferences.

Your telephone’s display area coincides with how your System Administrator sets up the Line/Feature buttons. On the phone itself, these features provide ease of use and flexibility:

You can also attach the telephone to an adjustable stand, to optimize your viewing position.

The following diagram illustrates the face of the 4610SW IP Telephone, and contains numbered “callouts” which identify the phone’s primary features and buttons. If you are viewing this guide online, you can click the callout to jump to the corresponding feature or button description. Otherwise, each callout is described in detail in Table 1, which follows the diagram.

Figure 1:  4610SW IP Telephone

Table 1:  4610SW IP Telephone Button/Feature Descriptions 
Callout Number
Button/Feature Name
Message Waiting Lamp

When lit, indicates you have a message waiting on your voice messaging system. This indicator can also be optioned to flash for incoming calls.

When the phone is idle, the top area displays the current date and time. When someone is calling you, the name/phone number of that person displays in the top area. The top area also displays a Missed Call icon and the number of missed calls if applicable. The display has five lines. Three lines are devoted to the current application. One line shows softkey labels for the current application, and the top line shows Help and other procedural messages. Four grayscale colors indicate phone/application activity.
Line/Feature buttons
Six Line/Feature buttons provide both call appearances (lines for incoming and outgoing calls) and application-specific functionality.

Used to navigate to, or start application-specific actions, such as Call a number, Cancel the current activity, Save entered data such as a Speed Dial label.

Displays the Phone application main screen or, if applicable, exits the current call server-based feature and normalizes the display.

Displays the first Options main screen, from which display and application settings can be updated.

Shifts from one page to another in the same application, when the display presents the “paging indicator” ( ). These buttons have no effect when the Paging Indicator is not displayed.
Speaker LED Indicator
Lights steadily when the Speaker is active.

Accesses the Speaker feature.
Headset LED Indicator
Lights steadily when the headset is active.

With a Headset connected, changes audio control from the Handset or Speaker to the headset.
Mute LED Indicator
Lights steadily when the Handset, Headset, or Speaker is muted.

Turns off the active Speaker, Handset, or Headset microphone, to prevent the other person from hearing you.
Volume Control

Adjusts the Handset, Speaker, Headset, or Ringer volume, depending on which item is in use. When you increase or decrease the volume, the top display area shows an icon to indicate the item for which you are adjusting the volume. A visual “volume meter” that shows the volume level follows the icon. This button also controls the volume of the key click sounds. Key clicks sound when you press fixed buttons on the phone such as the dialpad or softkeys.
Headset Jack
Provides a port for connecting a headset on the underside of the phone.

Red button used to place a call on hold.

Transfers a call to another phone.

Sets up conference calls with more than one other person.
Drops the last person added to a Conference call or ends the current call, if you are not on a Conference call.

Redials the last number dialed from the phone or displays a list of the last three numbers dialed for selection. Set using the Options button described in Chapter 6: 4610SW IP Telephone Options.
Numeric (Dialing) Pad
Standard 12 button pad for dialing phone numbers.

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