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Chapter 5: Using the Web Access Application


One of the exciting aspects of the 4610SW IP Telephone is its optional Web Access application. You can actually use your telephone to access your Corporate intranet and the World Wide Web.

Your System Administrator can optionally design a Home page on which your Web options reside or using a Home page provided by Avaya for this purpose. For security purposes, your System Administrator can also optionally require that an authentication screen display upon selection of the Web Access application. In this case, you must submit a User Name and Password before gaining access to the Home and other Web pages/sites.

Note that the Web Access application offers a basic browser capability. The application does not support all Internet data types, nor is it intended to replace your PC’s browser. The 4610SW’s Web functions are geared towards use on a small (three line) display screen, more like those of a Personal Data Assistant (PDA) or cellular telephone.

This chapter describes the basic functions available with the Web Access application. These functions include:

Because your System Administrator can customize the Web Access application for specific business use, not all features described in this chapter may apply. Other features that result from customizing may not be described here. For this reason, contact your System Administrator for specific information about your Web Access application before proceeding.

Because customizing may affect the flow of Web-related activity, this chapter only describes the primary Web screen types.

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