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General TCP/IP protocol information

This topic provides general TCP/IP protocol information for each of the messaging protocols supported.

The following table provides general TCP/IP protocol information.

TCP/IP protocol AUDIX Digital Aria Digital Serenade Digital VPIM v2 SMTP/MIME
Encoding Algorithm Code-Excited Linear Programming (CELP) Sub-Band Coding (SBC) Continuously Variable Sloped Delta Modulation (CVSD) Adaptive Digital Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM) Global Specification for Mobile Communication (GSM)

G.711 mu-law

G.711 A-law

Average Bytes per Second 2K 3K 3K 4K GSM=1.7K



Average Voice MessageLength (60 seconds) including overhead 135K bytes 250K bytes 250K bytes 330K bytes GSM=140K bytes

G.711=660K bytes

Average Fax Message Length (3 pages) including overhead 230K bytes 450K bytes 450K bytes 350K bytes 350K bytes
Average Subscriber Update Length(From/To this type of system, assuming a 3 second voice name) 6K bytes 9K bytes 9K bytes 12K bytes LDAP-based: 24K bytes
TCP/IP Ports Used 5500 4000 22136 25 25

(MM LDAP-based uses 55389)

(Message Networking LDAP-based uses 56389)

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