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Configuring the Automated Attendant

Note: If you are familiar with or are migrating from an Intuity AUDIX environment, you should be aware that the use of the term “automated attendant” in Avaya Modular Messaging systems carries somewhat different connotations than in AUDIX systems.

Modular Messaging’s Automated Attendant, if enabled, is used to prompt callers with the system greeting and collect their input (in the form of DTMF key presses). It can also be configured to offer single-digit menu choices and use the Dial By Name feature to reach subscribers.

In Modular Messaging, caller applications provide roughly the same functionality as AUDIX nested and other automated attendants. For a more thorough discussion of “automated attendants” in AUDIX compared with Modular Messaging, see  More on caller applications. For more information about using caller applications, see Administering caller applications.

The system Automated Attendant greets callers and instructs them how to proceed through the system. We recommend using the Automated Attendant if:

The Automated Attendant provides only the initial prompt to get callers into the system. It is designed primarily to:

You can configure the following Automated Attendant properties for the voice mail domain.

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