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Chapter 3: Local Administrative Options


During installation or after you have successfully installed an IP telephone, you might be instructed to administer one of the manual procedures described in this chapter. These local administrative procedures are also referred to as Craft Procedures.

NOTE: You can modify the settings file to set parameters for IP telephones that download their upgrade script and application files from the same HTTP server. See Chapter 4: Maintaining 9600 Series IP Telephones and “9600 Series IP Telephone Scripts and Application Files” in Chapter 4 of the Avaya one-X Deskphone Edition for 9600 Series IP Telephones Administrator Guide.

CAUTION: Only trained installers or technicians should perform local (craft) procedures. Perform these procedures only if instructed to do so by the system or LAN administrator.

Static administration of these options causes upgrades to work differently than if they are administered dynamically. Values assigned to options in static administration are not changed by upgrade scripts. These values remain stored in the telephone until either:

Use these option-setting procedures only with static addressing and, as always, only if instructed by the system or LAN administrator. Do not use these option-setting procedures if you are using DHCP. DHCP is the Dynamic Addressing Process, as indicated in Dynamic Addressing Process.

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