Download ASA screen

Administrators typically administer call-processing (telephony) features for the system using the Avaya Site Administration (ASA) package. This software must be downloaded and installed on a compatible administration PC or services laptop computer, in compliance with the ASA contract with Avaya Inc.

A copy of the ASA package is available for download on every new Avaya media server. If you contract with Avaya Inc. to get a newer version of the ASA software, or to get the ASA software in a different language, this directory may contain more than one version of ASA. The Download ASA screen allows you to select and then download a copy of the ASA software to your computer.


The following must be in place before you can download a copy of ASA software:

Because the ASA file can be very large, a high-speed connection is strongly recommended. On slower connections or high-traffic networks, the download operation may time out.

Download procedure

To download a copy of ASA software from the Avaya media server to your computer:

  1. In the main menu under Telephony Administration, click the Download ASA link.

  2. The Download ASA screen lists all the ASA files that are available for download. The file names are hyperlinks that allow you to download that copy of ASA.

  3. File names begin with "asa" and typically indicate the language and release. For example, asa_en_1_10_11.exe refers to an English version of ASA, release 1.10.11.

  4. The file is an executable (exe) file that you need to run on your computer in order to install ASA. Be sure you have sufficient disk space.

  1. Choose the version of ASA that you wish to download, and click that link.

  2. You are prompted to download the file. The wording of the download file message and the options in the dialog box vary depending on the release and type of browser you are using.

  3. Choose the option to save the file to disk. A Save As... screen typically appears.

  4. Navigate to the directory in which you want to save the ASA file. Click OK.

  5. The ASA package is transmitted to your computer at the specified location.

  1. When the download completes, use Windows Explorer (or an equivalent method) to navigate to that directory.

  2. Double-click on the file you just downloaded to run the ASA installation program. Follow the steps on the screen to complete ASA installation.

  3. To run the ASA package, click the ASA shortcut on your desktop (created during installation), or use the Start ASA screen link in the media server web interface.

Problems downloading ASA software

The Download ASA screen may display the following error messages: