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PLAT-ALM (Platform Alarms)

The PLAT_ALM is a virtual MO used by Avaya MultiVantage software to keep track of Media Server alarms. A MAJOR, MINOR, or WARNING alarm can be logged against this MO to indicate the presence of one or more Media Server alarms.

A technician who is using the SAT and finds an alarm against the PLAT-ALM MO must:

  1. Log into the Media Server's Web interface.
  2. To see the Media Server's current list of alarms, select the Display Alarms option.
  3. To troubleshoot and clear the problems, follow the procedures for the appropriate MOs listed in the display.

Note: After repairing the Media Server, clear every Media Server alarm. This action will also clear any alarms associated with the PLAT-ALM MO.

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